International Workshop on Applied Analysis and Optimization 2019,
May 30-31, 2019, Research Center for Interneural Computing, China Medical University, Taichung, Taiwan

Eighteenth International Conference on Functional Equations and Inequalities (18th ICFEI) June 9-15, 2019.

“Theodor Angheluta” Conference 2019, July 4-5, 2019, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania,

13th International Conference on Fixed Point Theory and Its Applications (ICFPTA2019) July 9-13, 2019, Henan Normal University, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, China,

Nonlinear and Variational Analysis, July 15-17, 2019 in Tianjin Polytechnic University, Tianjin, China.

A special session “Fixed Point Theory, Ulam stability and related applications” as a part of
12th ISAAC Congress, July 29 to August 2, 2019, in Aveiro, Portugal.

IWANA2019 International Workshop on Applied Nonlinear Analysis (IWANA 2019), September 11-14, 2019, Bangsean, Chonburi, Thailand



DONE ( Attended Congress and Conferences )


c43)Conference on Ulam’s Type Stability
October 8-13, 2018, Timișoara, Romania


c42) International Workshop on NONLINEAR ANALYSIS AND ITS APPLICATIONS July 7-9, 2018, Granada, Spain


c41) 5th International Conference on RECENT ADVANCES IN PURE AND APPLIED MATHEMATICS (ICRAPAM 2018)  JULY 23-27 2018 at Karadeniz Technical University Prof. Dr. Osman Turan Convention Center in Trabzon, TURKEY


c40)  Scientific member of the conference,
“1st International Conference on Mathematics and its Applications (1st ICMA)”, November 14-18, 2017, Lahore, Pakistan

c39)  Organizer of the session of FPTA
11th ISAAC Congress will be held on August 14-18, 2017 at Linnaeus University Sweden. (ISAAC=The International Society for Analysis, its Applications, and Computation)

c38)  Invited Main Speaker 
 Recent Trends in Pure and Applied Mathematics will be held in Alba Iulia, Romania, 31 July – 4 August 2017


c37) Invited Speaker International Symposium, ” Mathematical Methods in Engineering, MME-2017 “, to be held in Cankaya University,  Ankara, Turkey on April 27 – 29 , 2017.
Title:“Fixed points of certain mappings in the context of Branciari metric space”




C36) invited speaker Special session on “Fixed Point Theory and Applications” organized in the framework of the International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Analysis (ICAMA2016)
to be held on July 11-13, 2016 in Atilim University, Ankara, Turkey.
Title: A short talk on the development of distance functions


C35) Conference on Ulam’s Type Stability,  July 4-9, 2016, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Title: A result on Ulam Hyres stability via fixed point theory




C34) invited speaker FPTA Workshop at the VI Congress of Mathematicians of Macedonia, on June 15-18, 2016 in Metropol Lake Resort, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia.

Title:Advances on fixed point theory


C33) invited speaker   The Workshop Applications of  Topology in Mathematics and Computers Sciences, September, 7-8, 2015, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey.

Title: A fixed  point theory researcher’s APOLOGY
C32) invited speaker   The 11th International Conference on FIXED POINT THEORY AND ITS APPLICATIONS Galatasaray University Ankara-TURKEY July 20-24, 2015,

Title: Recent Advances in metric fixed point theory




C31) invited speaker

The 28th International Conference of The Jangjeon Mathematical Society (ICJMS’2015)  15-19 May 2015

Title: Some inevitable remarks on the some recent trends in fixed point  theory


C30) invited speaker International Conference on Recent Advances in Pure and
Applied Mathematics,    Antalya, Turkey, 06-09 November 2014.

Title:  Notes on Banach Contraction Principle


C29) invited speaker
Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics, Yildiz Technical University Istanbul, Turkey, 19-21 August 2014.

Title: Discussion on a generalization of metric notions and related fixed point results


invited speaker
5th Minisymposium on Fixed Point Theory and Applications organized in the framework of 10th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON APPLIED MATHEMATICS, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science North University Center at Baia Mare,Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Baia Mare, Romania, 1-7 june 2014.

Title: Remarks on some generalized metric spaces

invited speaker
International Congress in Honour of Professor Ravi P. Agarwal Uludag University Bursa-TURKEY June 23-26, 2014,



C26) 9th International ISAAC Congress, Pedagogical University, Krakow, Poland, August 5 to August 9, 2013

Title: “Recent Topics in Fixed Point Theory”

C25)  International Conference Anatolian Communications in Nonlinear,  Abant Izzet Baysal University, Bolu, Turkey  Analysis, July 03-06, 2013.

Title: “Discussion on Recent Publications in Fixed Point Theory”


C24) The International Conference on the Theory, Methods and Applications of Nonlinear Equations Texas A&M University-Kingsville, Kingsville, Texas  78363 USA, December 17 – December 21, 2012.

Title: “Remarks on Some Late Publications in Fixed Point Theory”


C23)  International Workshop on Fixed Point Theory, Galatsaray University, İstanbul, Turkey, October 11-13 , 2012  (IWFPTA 2012).

Title: “Remarks on coupled fixed point theorems on G-metric spaces”


C22) 14th International Symposium on Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for Scientific Computing, September 26-29, 2012, Timisoara, Romania (SYNASC 2012).   Workshop on Iterative Approximation of Fixed Points (IAFP 2012)

Title: Generalized  (alpha-psi)  contraective type mappings and related fixed point theorems



C21)  The 10th International Conference on FIXED POINT THEORY AND ITS APPLICATIONS Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania July 9 – 15, 2012

Talk Title “Remarks on Some Recent Publications in Fixed Point Theory”


C20)  The 11th International Workshop on Dynamical Systems and Applications,

Cankaya University, Ankara, Turkey, June 26-28, 2012.

Talk Title “Remarks on Coupled Fixed Point Theorems


C19) “7.Ankara Matematik Günleri Sempozyumu”,

Bilkent University , Ankara, Turkey, May 30-June 1, 2012

Talk Title “Recent Development in Fixed Point Theory.”

(Sabit Nokta Teorisindeki Son Gelişmelere Genel Bir Bakış)


C18) International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Approximation Theory

(AMAT 2012), May 17-20, 2012, Ankara, Turkey.

Talk title“On Partial Metric Spaces and Some Related Fixed Point Theorems”.


C17) 8th international ISAAC Congress 

(International Society for Analysis, its Applications and Computation)

People’s Friendship University of Russia, August, 20– 27,  2011

Talk titleOn Cyclic Mappings and Related Fixed Point Theorems.


C16) “International Conference on Nonlinear Operators, Differential

Equatıons and Applications”,

July 5-8, 2011, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Talk Title “Fixed point theorems on partial metric spaces.”


C15) “5.Ankara Matematik Günleri Sempozyumu”,

Hacettepe University , Ankara, Turkey, June 5-6, 2011

Talk Title “On Partial Metric Spaces.” (Kısmı Metric Uzayları Üstüne)


C14) “Conference on Summability and Applicaions”,

İstanbul Commercial University, İstanbul, Turkey, May 12-13, 2011


C13) “3rd Conference on Nonlinear Science and Complexity”,

Çankaya University, Ankara, Turkey, July 28-31, 2010

Talk Title “Remarks on Suzuki’s C-condition


C12) “5.Ankara Matematik Günleri Sempozyumu”,

TOBB ETÜ, Ankara, Turkey, June 3-4, 2010

Talk Title “Some Common Fixed Point Theorems on Cone Metric Spaces.”


C11) 8th AIMS International Conference on Dynamical Systems,

Differential Equations and Applications,

Dresden University of Technology, Dresden, Germany, May 25 – 28, 2010

Talk title ” Fixed Point Theorems in Banach Valued Metric Spaces


C10) Workshop On Differential Equations and   Applications – IV,

Yeditepe University, İstanbul, Turkey, April 30-May 2, 2010

Talk title ”Recent Topics in Fixed Point Theory


C9) Analysis and Theory of Functions in the memory of Nazım Terzioğlu”,

İstanbul Kültür University,  İstanbul, Turkey, August 24 – 25, 2009

Talk title ”LTI and  Orlicz Sequence Spaces”.


C8) 7th international ISAAC Congress

 (International Society for Analysis, its Applications and Computation)

Imperial College,  London, England, July, 13– 18,  2009

Talk titleBounded Linear Operators on ℓ-Köthe Spaces.


C7) Computational Methods and Function Theory,

Bilkent University,  Ankara, Turkey, June 08 – 12, 2009

Talk title”Isomorphic Classification  Orlicz Köthe Spaces


C6) Fifth International Workshop on Functional Analysis,

Trier University, Trier / Germany, Semptember 07 – 12, 2008

Talk title ”On quasidiagonal Isomorphisms of Orlicz Köthe Spaces


C5) 21. Ulusal Matematik Sempozyumu

Koç  University , İstanbul, Turkey, Semptember, 01 – 04, 2008.

Talk title ”On Orlicz Köthe Spaces”.


C4) Functional Analysis and Complex Analysis” 17-21 September, 2007,

Sabancı University, İstanbul/ Turkey, September 21 – 24, 2007

Talk title ”Pairs of finite type ℓ-Power Series Spaces”.


C3) 6th international ISAAC  Congress

(International Society for Analysis, its Applications and Computation)

METU, Ankara, Turkey, August 13 – 18, 2007

Talk title ”On Isomorphisms of  ℓ – Köthe Spaces


C2)  International Coference on

“Real Analytic and Complex Analytic Methods in Functional Analysis”

Sabancı University, September 20 – 24, 2004

Talked title “Isomorphisms of  ℓ – Köthe Spaces


C1) National Mathematics Summer School,

METU, Ankara, Turkey, 1996 Summer



Seminars  (Seminerler)

S18) E. KARAPINAR :Remarks on Coupled Fixed Point Theory”, Çankaya University, March 09, 2012


S17) E. KARAPINAR : “An application of fixed point theory in Domain Theory”, İzmir University of Economics, November 25, 2011


S16) E. KARAPINAR : “Some Recent results in Fixed Point Theory”, Atılım University, October 12, 2011


S15) E. KARAPINAR : “Babil’de Matematik”, TED Ankara College,  May 12, 2011


S14) E. KARAPINAR : “Matematik Tarihinden Esintiler I: Babil’de Matematik”

Atılım University, April 27, 2011


S13) E. KARAPINAR : “Recent Topics in Fixed Point Theory: Cyclic Contractions”

Bilkent University, November 30, 2010


S12) E. KARAPINAR : “On Classification of Orlicz-Power Series Spaces”

Çankaya University,  January 15, 2010


S11) E. KARAPINAR : “Fixed Point Theory on the Class of Cone Metric Spaces”,

Atılım  Üniversitesi,  January  07, 2010


S10) E. KARAPINAR : “Cone Metric Spaces and Fixed Point Theorems”

Karaköy (İstanbul) Analysis Seminars, Sabancı University,  December 04, 2009


S9) E. KARAPINAR : On Classifications of Sequence Spaces”

İzmir University of Economics, April 10, 2009


S8) E. KARAPINAR : “On Orlicz-Power Series Spaces”

Karaköy (İstanbul) Analysis Seminars, Sabancı University,  November 7, 2008


S7) E. KARAPINAR with U.Yüksel: “One of LaTeX Class: BEAMER”

General Seminar, Atılım  Üniversitesi, April 09, 2008


S6) E. KARAPINAR : “LTI and ℓ-Power Series Spaces”

General Seminar, Atılım  Üniversitesi February 20, 2008


S5) E. KARAPINAR : “Linear Topological Invariant on Banach spaces with monotone norm.”

General Seminar, Bolu İzzet Baysal University, April 20, 2007


S4) E. KARAPINAR : “Isomorphism of Cartesian Products of l-Köthe spaces”

Karaköy (İstanbul) Analysis Seminars, Sabancı University,  March 9, 2007


S3) E. KARAPINAR : “Isomorphism of  l-Köthe Spaces”

General Seminar, İzmir University of Economics, March 6, 2007


S2) E. KARAPINAR : “Bilim Tarihinde Hareket

İzmir Kongresi Araştırma Merkezi (İKAM) / İzmir University of Economics, December 14, 2006


S1)  E. KARAPINAR : “Quasidiagonal Isomorphisms of Cartesian Products of Orlicz-power series spaces”

General Seminars, Başkent University, June 16, 2006



Attended Scientific Organizations & Seminars

(Katılınan Bilimsel Organizasyonlar ve Seminerler)


A7) Differential Equations Seminars (DDS),

 Lectures given by Prof. Ravi P. Agarwal,

TUBITAK Konuk Bilim Adami Destekleme Programi, July 31-August 12, 2009,


A6) 4.Ankara Matematik Günleri Sempozyumu

METU, Department of Mathematics June 5-6, 2009, Ankara, Turkey


A5) Cahit Arf Lecture

METU, Department of Mathematics  , 2009


A4) 2.Ankara Matematik Günleri Sempozyumu

Atılım University, June 14-15, 2007, Ankara, Turkey


A3) Topology: Poincaré conjecture  and  Perelman. (Topology Day)

Atılım University , December 9, 2006, Ankara, Turkey

A2) Time Scale Day

İzmir University fo Economics, May 23, 2006, İzmir, Turkey,

  A1) Cahit Arf Lecture

“Variation with p of the number of solutions mod p of a family of polynomial equations”  by Jean-Pierre Serre

METU, Department of Mathematics, November 18, 2006, Ankara, Turkey


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