Recent Articles

J. Brzdek, E. Karapinar, A.Petrusel,
A fixed point theorem and the Ulam stability in generalized dq-metric spaces,
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications,
Volume 467, Issue 1, 1 November 2018, Pages 501-520

E. Karapinar, B. Samet, D. Zhang
“Meir-Keeler type contractions on JS-(metric) spaces and related fixed point theorems”
J. Fixed Point Theory Appl. (2018) 20: 60.

B.Hazarika, E. Karapinar, R. Arab and M. Rabbani,
Metric-like spaces to prove existence of solution for nonlinear quadratic integral equation and numerical method to solve it,
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 328 (2018) 302–313



Year Media Authors Book Title ISSN DOI No.
Agarwal, R.P., Karapınar, E., O’Regan, D., Roldán-López-de-Hierro, A.F. Fixed Point Theory in Metric Type Spaces, eBook ISBN : 978-3-319-24082-4
Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-319-24080-0,
DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-24082-4


Chapters in the books

Year Media Author(s) Chapter Title Book Title DOI No.
Karapınar, E. A fixed point result on the interesting abstract space: Partial metric spaces, Models and Theories in Social Systems, DOI 978-3-319-91065-9_1


Karapınar, E., Taş, K., Rakočević, V. Advances on Fixed Point Results on Partial Metric Spaces, Mathematical Methods in Engineering, DOI 978-3-319-91065-9_1


2017 Karapınar, Erdal A Short Survey on Dislocated Metric Spaces via Fixed-Point Theory, Advances in Nonlinear Analysis via the Concept of Measure of Noncompactness, DOI 978-981-10-3722-1_13
2017 Jleli, M., Karapınar, E., Samet,B. On the Approximation of Solutions to a Fixed Point Problem with Inequality Constraints in a Banach Space Partially Ordered by a Cone, Advances in Nonlinear Analysis via the Concept of Measure of Noncompactness, DOI 978-981-10-3722-1_13
2015 Karapınar, Erdal On (α,ψ) Contractions of Integral Type on Generalized Metric Spaces Current Trends in Analysis and Its Applications, DOI 978-3-319-12577-0_91
2011 Karapınar, Erdal Remarks on Suzuki (C)-Condition Dynamical Systems and Methods, DOI 978-3-319-12577-0_91













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